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Anthony Burcher: Humorist

 Award-Winning Storyteller

       "He brews up a tincture of tales that is

        story-medicine worth patenting"

                                                                -- Milbre Burch

Storytellers and other fun

Storytelling friends Storytelling friends Kathryn Windham at age 92 Now she is keeping all of heaven laughing! 101390592 Kevin Kling 170045606 Andy Offut Irwin 170045605 Linda Goodman 192204656 Kim Weitkamp Williamsburg Storytelling Festival 18686704 Doug Elliott 183125615 Gene Tagaban 183125616 Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo 183125617 sheila and darcy Sheila Arnold and Darci Tucker 197499282 talking-drums Corey and LaQuita Staten 197499281 Syd Lieberman 197499280 142811255 Geraldine Buckley 102271749 Slash Coleman National Storytelling Festival 2010 101390591 Ellouise Schoettler Williamsburg Storytelling Festival 18686703 102271747 Judith Onesty 102271748 Megan Hicks 102271751 My wife... Michelle "Mike" Burcher If you count preaching as storytelling... 96952498 102271750 204742547